We All Perform -

As individuals, we "perform" in many areas of our life. Performance Enhancement Psychology has been established to help people enhance their performance to the best of their ability in:

  • Performing Arts
  • Sports
  • School, Work and Business
  • Social and Personal Relationships

Musicians, actors or dancers perform when entertaining others at a performance event, such as a concert or audition, in front of friends and family, or rehearsing with the school band.

Sports people perform every time they compete, either during practice sessions or in competition.

Students perform in their homework, answering a question in class, and doing exams. At work, people perform in every task, whether in a job interview, managing a busy switchboard, briefing colleagues of a project status at a weekly meeting, or convincing customers to buy their product. The fear of public speaking is a powerful performance anxiety that is extremely common at school, work and socially.

Socially, people perform hosting a dinner party, going on a date, or having sex. We have many different relationships in our lives, and perform in various ways to have the best relationships we can. Overwhelming anxiety can have a disastrous effect on these relationships.

Most of us manage these performances very well. But sometimes we find these performances very distressing. Perhaps we feel our performance is not up to scratch. There can be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps the artist or sportsman has not prepared well enough, or has learnt the wrong technique.

Or perhaps they feel an overwhelming sense of fear and nervousness when they are performing. This can feel so intense, that attention and concentration is taken away from the task, starting a downward spiral of performance mistakes, leading to more anxiety and so on.